Sassy’s Beauty Training Academy (Pty) Ltd

(Co. Reg. No. 2020/611904/07)

Vanessa Nel decided to start her own Training Academy as she has seen so many Therapists who has had training, but still do not know how to perform their treatments to standard.  She has helped many therapists in the past – free of charge – to get their quality and standard of work onto level.  She thus thought that she could most definitely be a “aanwins” to ladies who has a passion for beauty.

Vanessa gives one-on-one attention to each and every student and spends time with the students until she is happy with their standard of work (even if it takes longer than what the course period is supposed to be).  She also helps Students, by opening up her Salon for them to do their Practical Hours – where she can keep an eye out for any way of student to better themselves and their work.

Courses & Workshops

Contact us on 082 609 7365 for Courses & Workshops.


With the current economy we find that most people prefer the quicker, cheaper option, which is the Workshops.  We still give one-on-one attention and every student's structure varies according to their needs.


We assist with the students getting models to ensure that they are 100% on Par before leaving the academy.