About Us

What Sassy Salon Is all about...

Sassy Salon is owned by Vanessa Nel,  who started Sassy Salon in 2015.

Our Mission is all about creating a place for all ladies to come and COMPLETELY Beautify themselves in one place. Sassy Salon is a comfortable, down-to-earth Environment.

We also Save you time driving around for we offer all you need in one place. Treatments are done simultaneously to save you time, eg. Nails & Toes done at same time. Face & Toes, Nails & Hair, Lashes & Toes, etc.

Our Qualified Therapists go on continuous training to broaden their knowledge & qualifications and to stay up to date with changes in the industry. Your favorite Therapist at Sassy Salon would thus possibly be able to help you in most of the treatments/services we offer. You build a personal relationship with the Therapist of your choice, which helps in the long run as the therapist gets to know your likes and dislikes, making you visit even more relaxing.